Friday, 30 August 2013

How to get the Best Deal out of Lodha Codename Full Moon!

After a lot of conversation on Lodha Group’s Codename Full Moon for the past few days and the application window opening tomorrow, this is the ideal time to understand the best way to get the best deal out of LCFM.

The process that is being followed is similar to the one followed by Lodha in Codename Blue Moon in January. All the applicants need to give their preferences and the allocation will be done by an algorithm on a first come first serve basis.

Lodha has already started distributing physical forms and an e-version of the form can be downloaded on their website The applicant needs to fill all the details in the form along with a minimum 2 and maximum 3 preferences of flats i.e select a preference code based on the desired configuration, floor band and consideration value band.

With very limited number of flats being open for sale and a huge demand expected from the market, it becomes very difficult for one to get the first preference allotted. Hence, my objective is to get you master the game of this preferences based allocation

Steps to get the best deal!!
1.       First of all, fill in all the details in the form and carefully go through all the T & Cs.
2.       Fill in all the 3 preferences available in the form depending on your desired configuration, floor band and budget range.
3.       Opt for the master preference code. This would make you eligible to get an allocation in the nearest band if none of the 3 filled preferences are available.
4.       Opt for higher floors for better chances of allocation. It is likely that the demand will be higher for lower floors as market is abuzz with the ticket sizes of these floors. 
5.       A higher floor above the 30th also gives you an advantage of additional floor rise waiver. Hence, if budget permits, always opt for the flat in the highest floor band
6.       In addition, try to opt for larger units if budget permits, as a general tendency of applicants is to be conservative and opt for smaller units.

Summing up, the following table gives you an ideal way to fill preferences in order to increase your chances of getting a desired unit allotted. (The number in bold indicated the preference code.)
Also, since this time there is no penalty on withdrawls or cancellation within the stipulated window, it makes for a very low-risk avenue, where the reward is getting a residence at the best value in the best development in South Mumbai, making it a definite win.

1st Preference
2nd Preference
3rd Preference
>4.5 Cr
203 (3 BHK 31-55 floor)
202 (3 BHK 21-30 floor)
201 (3 BHK 8-20 floor)
4.2 – 4.5 Cr
201 (3 BHK 8-20 floor)
103 (2 BHK 31-55 floor)
102 (2 BHK 21-30 floor)
3.8 – 4.2 Cr
103 (2 BHK 31-55 floor)
102 (2 BHK 21-30 floor)
101 (2 BHK 8-20 floor)
3.5 – 3.8 Cr
102 (2 BHK 21-30 floor)
101 (2 BHK 8-20 floor)

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